Prescription Compounding - For Prescribers

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There has been a rise in compounding pharmacies over the last decade. More physicians are choosing compounded medications over manufactured products understanding that manufactured products do not meet the concise needs of their patients. As a healthcare professional, you want the highest quality medications that will improve your patientís quality of life. There are many advantages of compounded medications over manufactured products:
  • Customized dosing strategy for each patient
  • Overcoming shortages of manufactured products
  • Manipulation of dosage form to fit patient need (increase compliance)
  • Combining therapies to receive optimal results (increase compliance)
  • Overcoming recalls of medication by a drug company
  • Compounded product typically a fraction of the price of manufactured (cost savings)
Each patient's reaction to a particular medication is different. Difficult to predict patient specific factors may include fast versus slow metabolism, bioavailability, side effects, and cellular transport. This biochemical individuality can pose difficult barriers to appropriate prescribing with commercially available medications. Compounding allows you to respond to each patientís uniqueness in an individual way.

No longer are you limited to standard, one size fits all, medicine. With compounding, your choices include changes in the route of administration, unique potency, pharmaceutical combinations, and the ability to develop new helpful compounds. Compounded preparations will enhance your practice by improving patient well-being. You have already taken the time to understand your patientís unique needs, so why not prescribe a treatment designed specifically for the needs of your patient. Integrating compounding prescriptions into your practice is simple.

It requires no special equipment or financial investment. It will take a minimal amount of time to develop a relationship with our compounding pharmacy that can help with treatment regimens. The investment of time will yield dividends far greater than you may expect.

Trinity pharmacy specializes in the art and science of compounding for these reasons. As a traditional pharmacy with these specializations, Trinity Pharmacy compounds thousands of medications each dosed specifically to meet the patientís needs. He is able to make any pure USP grade powder into one of many dosage forms:

Capsules or PelletsTroches and oral gels
Sustained Release CapsulesLollipops
Transdermal PLOs and GelsSuppositories
Injectables (solutions, suspensions, oils)Rapid Dissolve Tablets
IV (bags, flushes, pumps)Creams & Ointments
Oral Solutions & SuspensionsEffervescents
Non-allergenic preparations (dye, lactose, sugar free)12 sugar-free sorbitol-based flavors

We also have the ability to prepare sterile products in our USP-797 compliant clean room. Our ability to comply with the USP-797 standards, as well as the Texas State Board of Pharmacy sterile products standards, allows us to provide our healthcare professionals and their patients with the highest quality sterile preparations available.

Please see the informational brochures listed on the right for a few examples of some of the products made at Trinity Pharmacy. These are by no means our limits, we can compound for whatever your needs may be!

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